Friday, 16 January 2015

Choose the Right Yachts Charter for Your Sailing Vacation

Are you searching a catamaran for spending your vacation that would turn out to be the most amazing and memorable one? Before you zero in, there are some questions that you should find the answers for making a right decision. Questions should be:-

·         Where do you want to go for sailing?
·         What cabin interior you are looking for?
·         What charter do you want –Monohull or Catamaran?
·         What sailing vessel size you want?

If you find it difficult to get answers to the above questions, then you should hire the services of Yacht Broker that can help you in choosing which catamaran is suitable for you. They are experts in explaining a number of people about the catamaran specifications, in lieu of their budget, sailing expertise and comfort zone.

Here below are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while thinking of finding the optimal monohull or catamaran charter boat for you.

Location: When your budget is limited and looking for a short term vacation, so it is better to go for Sailing Yachts Charter that lasts for one to two weeks. Select a good destination to spend with your loved ones.

Cabin Layout: once your location is selected, your next step is the structure of the cabin layout. It is something very important to think of. You need to see the number of people to join your sailing party and the comfort level you share with them in spending seven to fourteen days with them.

Size: the size of the boat is determined on your budget and sailing experience apart from the comfort level you are seeking. A boat that is 32-36 feet generally has 2 cabins and 1 head layout. And, the board which is 46 feet normally contains 4 cabins and 3 head layout. So think of taking your decision prudently and try to see the circumstances you can face.

Whether you are a professional sea dog or new to sailing, you can amazingly enjoy the pleasures of a sailing vacation with our Yacht Consulting surely.

This post written by Mark Twain has over 10 years experience as Yachts consultant. If you are looking for Monohulls Charter, Sailing Catamarans and Catamarans for Sale you can contact East Yachts.

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